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Who are we?  

"Anatomical Doll" is a company based in Vladivostok, Russia. We conceive hand crafted high-end dolls, made  

of platinum-catalyzed silicone imported from the USA. This high-quality material is used in the film industry  

(special effects), in medical applications (manufacturing of artificial limbs and high-end orthopedic devices),  

and in robotics (creation of lifelike articulated models).  

Our dolls have a steel skeleton with joints made from a heavy-duty polymer used in aircraft construction. The  

design of the skeleton allows for various natural positions, similar to what a real girl can achieve. The goal of  

our company "Anatomical Dolls" is to make high-end silicone dolls as realistic and as close to a human body  

as possible. The artificial skin of our dolls is soft and firm in all the right places, and the breast has silicone gel  


What is the purpose of our dolls?  

Our high-end dolls can be viewed as pure works of Art, as educational products, as fashion models for  

photography, as artificial companions... There is no special recommendation: our dolls can simply be... what  

you desire them to be!  

* Victoria  

- Victoria is the combination of body 1 + face 1.  


- The design philosophy is to make the doll as anatomically realistic as possible.  

- Material is platinum silicone. It can stretch 800% before breaking and is not sticky.  

- Victoria's legs can be crossed and keep this position naturally.  


- The body can hang by a hook (fixation in the back of the neck).  



- Victoria's height is 173 cm - 5.64 feet (the tallest silicone doll on the market).  

- Victoria's weight is 31 kg ( the weight can differ in limits +/-2 kg)  

- Breast size is 34C.  

- Shoe size is 39 (Russia) or 9 (US) (The sizes are specified for open footwear)  


* Skeleton  

- The skeleton is similar to the skeleton of a real person.  

- Joints are made of steel and a strong shock-proof polymer used in aircraft construction.  

- The joints cannot jam.  

- Mobility of the joints can be adjusted before shipping at the request of the buyer.  



* Head/neck/hair  

- The head moves right / left, forward / backward and on both sides.  

- The head is easily removed, for this purpose necessary to unscrew the screw behind of a skull  


- The head lock mechanism is very solid.  

- The neck is flexible.  

- Eyes can be moved from the outside (access inside the head is not possible).  

* Body parts details  

- There are softer (stomach, butt, etc.) and harder ('bones') parts in the body.  

- The breasts are filled with a silicone gel.  

- Pelvis bones can be felt through the silicone skin.  

- The foot has a 'bone' half-way through its length.  


- The hands have finger wires for easy posing, with protection to prevent piercing.  



* Private parts / sex- The doll has an integrated vagina for maximum realism (no insert).  

- Sex is possible in all standard positions.  

- The doll is a 'virgin' at the time of shipping: a thin silicon membrane closes the vagina.  

- It is possible to have vaginal, anal and oral sex with the doll.  

- Victoria can do oral sex very well thanks to a specially designed oral cavity.  

* Optional heating system  

- It is possible to buy the doll with an optional, safe and durable internal heating system.  

- The voltage used is 12V.  

- The heating system cannot be broken, weights 0.2 pound and can last 50 years.  

- Temperature of a heating element cannot exceed 140 degrees (Fahrenheit) / 60 degrees (Celsius).  

- The heating element is in the basis of a stomach and heats up only a vagina.  

- The cable exit is on the neck.  

* Makeup and wigs  

Any makeup is possible at the request of the customer, but under condition of observance of rules of a make-up - color of lips and eye shadow should be compatible.  

It is possible to choose one of variants of a make-up offered by us.  

The make-up is rendered on the face of a doll with the help of a special paint for silicone and not washed off by water.  

Hair: many different wigs are available.  

* Payment / shipping  

The doll's price is $5450.  

Payment is done by bank transfer.  

Production dolls should be delivered to buyers about 4 - 12 weeks after payment, depending on quantity of orders during this period.  

The doll is shipped in a plywood box.  

The name of our company and the content of the box do not appear on the box.  

Nobody can find out what is delivered to you.  

We guarantee full anonymity of the buyer.  


* All sales are definitive. The got goods can not be turned back or exchanged. The order arrives to manufacturing only under condition of 100 % payment.