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Transportation and reception of a doll





The general conditions  

If you want to order a doll made by the company «Anatomical Doll», you can fill the order form, having pressed button "ORDER", your e-mail must be specified anyway. Then we will contact you within several days by phone or e-mail specified by you and we will stipulate nuances of the order and possible ways of payment.  

After receipt from you advance payment at a rate of $1200 (the sum for basic model), the order is put in turn for manufacturing. The sum of advance payment can make 20-50% of the order (depends on complexity and the volume of work). Expectation term before the beginning of your order performance proceeds from 4 till 12 weeks, depending on industrial loading and quantity of orders for that time.  

You will be in addition informed on the beginning of work above performance of your order. After we shall start to carry out the order,within 7 days, you are obliged to pay the rest of cost of a doll. Before the beginning of work with your order, you can send to us some additional wishes or changes concerning external shape of the doll, concerning a wig, a make-up, etc.  


Privacy protection  

The working with each order is carried out individually, with strict observance of principles of confidentiality and protection of any information given by you.  

The ready doll is delivered in reliable, completely closed container, the inscription on packing contains no data about character of the goods, on appearance of container nobody can find out, what you receive exactly.  

We respect and we appreciate our clients, therefore we will take all measures to guarantee inviolability of your privacy.  


Order confirmation  

We will confirm your order by electronic or usual mail, phone or a fax, depending on the way you chose in the order form.  


Terms of sale and payment  

The payment is accepted by bank remittance. All sales are definitive. The got goods can not be turned back or exchanged. The order arrives to manufacturing only under condition of 100 % payment. If the order is cancelled prior to the beginning of a doll manufacture, the payment sum comes back minus penalty 1200$ of the order cost, plus the price of any special ordered items that have been special ordered or come into stock (wigs, eyes, personal shopper outfits etc). The fee retained covers administrative costs, time spent with clients, materials etc.  


*Once an order has entered production it cannot be canceled but we will assist in an owner transfer if necessary.  

*Payments on custom orders are non-refundable. Custom orders, even if cancelled mid-stream, are not eligible for refunds.  




Ready product shipment  

We send ready dolls to the customer by air transport in specially developed strong and safe container excluding possibility of casual damage of a doll .  

Sending of the order for a user's box is impossible, we should have the exact address where it is necessary to deliver cargo.  

By goods delivery out of limits of the Russian Federation, the international departures can be assessed with custom charges and duties(taxes) on the imported goods according to the legislation of the country where delivery is carried out.  

On any questions connected with the order and delivery of dolls, you can write to us in section «Contact form», if necessary having marked your letter as "private".