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Welcome to the surprising world of a doll - “Anatomical Doll”.


The magical world of dolls invariably attracts people all throughout their life, from childhood to old age. They are all about us, from the Bobbleheads that make us smile to the action figures that have us imagining different worlds and scenes. We look to the storefront mannequins and try to imagine how the clothes would look like on us. The children's shops are filled with large-eyed dolls with babylike faces (whether they be human or not). We enjoy checking out wax museums to take fun pictures of ourselves with replicas of famous people. We are amazed at how close they are getting to look just like us.  

Thousands years have passed since the sculptor, Pygmalion, chiseled out of ivory, Galatea, his image of female perfection. So beautiful was this statue that rumours of it took on a life of their own. Literally, the statue comes to life in their imaginations. So the myth is born and lives on still. The centuries pass one by one, but the dream to bring this ideal version into the world we live in continues to ignite the minds of men.  

Why is this so ? Why does this riddle still not have an answer ? Perhaps, an answer is closer than we think because it is partially what we think and how we think. It has always been our imaginations that fuel our abilities to bring the cerebral to life and the inanimate as well. A part of us hopes for a miracle, like in a fairy tale, our fantasies take shape and become real to us.  

In the real world where many of us have to give up our dreams and ambitions in order to get a paycheck there isn't too much room for our imaginations to roam. It doesn't matter whether or not you had the time to grow up, and your desires became adult too. If you're not too tired yet to hope that there is a place for little miracles in our hard life, we invite you to visit a small islet of this mysterious world – the world of dolls.  

We bring to your attention - realistic, anatomically correct silicone dolls. We have tried to give them the maximum similarity to a real human body, not only in appearance, but also on tactile sensations. Different areas of the doll's body vary in their softness, and the touch to it gives one the sensation of touching the skin of a live person. The doll’s breast contain silicone gel implants.  

Our dolls are made manually with high-quality materials manufactured in the USA. Mainly, it's platinum silicone, used for creating special effects in the film industry, medical purposes (as in prosthetics) or robotics (in particular, the creation of moving models similar to live beings).  

The doll has a steel chrome-plated skeleton and joints made of a heavy-duty polymer applied in aircraft engineering. The skeleton is designed to allow the doll almost any position that a real girl could.  

The process of creating such a doll is not easy. Each silicone doll is made individually with 70-80 hours of manual labour is put into it.  

What are our dolls made for and how they can be used?  

There are no restrictions or any special recommendations here, all depends on your desire and imagination. “Anatomical Doll” can be a work of art, an ornament of a house or business interior, a manual, a means for demonstration of fashionable clothes, a model for a photo, even a companion or a partner – and this list is not complete.  

Our dolls can become what you want them to be! And may be, something more, limited only by the boundaries of one's imagination. Perhaps there is still enough time to dream and hope ?